As many of you BPFZ regulars know, we often use nicknames in our lineup posts...

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As many of you BPFZ regulars know, we often use nicknames in our lineup posts because it’s fun! We’ve been trying to come up with a nickname for Joe for a long time. After he hit the 2 homers to win games 1 & 2, and make history, several of the announcers were saying he needed a nickname, too. They said “no more animal names, we’ve got enough of those!” We agree 100%!

Joe needs a good one! We’ve been calling him Joe Cool, because he’s so young, yet so calm under pressure. He always seems to come through in stress situations! But we all know that Joe Montana is the Bay Area’s original Joe Cool!

We have a few ideas, but want to hear all of yours, too! Today we went with Just Joe, because sometimes you Just need Joe to win a game! (Yes, I know it’s a team sport and requires the whole team - but you know what I mean!) Also, he was born in Yonkers, New York, and he loves his hometown. Maybe something related to Yonkers or NY? Yonkers Joe? New York Joe? Empire Joe?

Let us hear your thoughts, no matter how crazy they are! We love our hilarious and creative Giants fans!

Please keep it positive! If nicknames aren’t your thing, that’s okay, but they are our thing, so we won’t be changing what we’ve been doing for 7+ years! Thank you in advance, we truly appreciate and value your input!

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