Man is the season here yet? LOL. This anticipation is almost unbearable isn’t...

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Man is the season here yet? LOL. This anticipation is almost unbearable isn’t it? I mean with things to look forward to such as: Kaep’s continue/diligent off-season work and improvement, Coach T’s first season as HC, the resurgence of Aldon Smith and Vernon Davis, the additions of veteran names like Darnell Dockett, Torrey Smith, Jerome Simpson and Reggie Bush, rookie additions like De’andrew White, Eli Harold, Erik Armstead, Jaquiski Tartt, and Dres Anderson, the NFL of Jarryd Hayne, and another lockdown CB in Keith Reaser, the return from injury of Tramaine Brock and most importantly the return of the monster himself Na’Varro Bowman how can u not be ecstatic and optimistic? Now see, with all the positives we have you’d think the media and some of these shit for brain analyst would lay off the assassination of our Niners and begin to see that regardless of all that has transpired in the off-season with JH leaving and all the players we lost that we’re still a very deep and talented team that will indeed be competitive. Oh but no, the onslaught continues and frankly………it’s inspiring. LMAO. I wasn’t going speak on it anymore, well that is until last night when I as was watching NFL Network and saw this segment (video attached) when Michael Robinson and Terrell Davis pretty much shaved the NFC Best (yes NFC Best because we’re the best division in football) down to Seattle, Arizona, and St. Louis because according to TD, “The Niners are no longer in the conversation anymore.” DAMN I BOUT LOST MY MIND. As I said, I was calm and taking the punches as they came but that there ran me hot. And they call themselves professionals? LMFAO. Are u serious? For the first time we’re going to be healthy (Lord willing) and drama free. The o line is back healthy and implementing a new ZBS to better fit the our new uptempo/attack offense and assist in pass protection as well. Kaep has improved tremendously and now has legit deep threats to stretch the field in Torrey Smith, Jerome Simpson, and possibly De’ Andrew White (this rookie here was a steal fam, the boy can ball). We have a full stable of RB’s that can hurt u in different ways be it pounding the rock or on stretch/ off tackle or read options type plays if we choose, and in the screen game in Reggie Bush and Hunter. U combine a deep thereat so teams can’t stack the box or play what I like to call a shell defense because they don’t fear u beating them deep with RB’s who can beat u out the backfield and a refocused Vernon Davis down the seam and u have what they call A PROBLEM. Up until now we were far too predictable and for the most part one dimensional. Oh but now, look out because we can hit u from any position and hit u hard.

Onto the D, Dorsey, Williams, Dial, (Carradine as well) on the D line, Aldon, Lynch on the edge playing “race u to the QB” and Varro, and Moody (yes Moody will win that spot) in the middle busting heads, while Reaser (yes Reaser), Brock, Reid, and Bethea shutting it down in the secondary. Man cmon. But we’re no longer in the conversation though. All due respect to the other three teams in this division, BUT DAMNIT WE’RE THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ers AND WE BACK DOWN FROM NOBODY AND ARE HERE TO STAY. Let them keep talking though, because seeing as how the NFL is all about storylines here’s one for u as I touched on in my video with Ronbo on his show. THE SAN FRANCISCO 49ers WHO WERE EXPERIENED A MASS EXUDUS WITH RETIREMENTS AND PLAYERS LOSES HAVE CAME OUTTA NOWHERE TO SILENCE ALL THE CRITICS, HAVE A WINNING SEASON, MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, KNOCK OFF TOP TEAMS, AND WIN A DAMN HOME SUPER BOWL. PUT THAT IN UR PIPE AND SMOKE IT. Let's saddle up and go shock the fuckin world Empire! Sorry so long but damnit I was pissed after seeing this video. I’m done, but if ya wit me gimmie two claps and a Rick Flair. WOOOO!

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