Okay, I know it's only preseason and we still have a few things to clean up (and...

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Okay, I know it's only preseason and we still have a few things to clean up (and they will be) but I like what I'm seeing. Aside from some protection issues, and Kaep taking that sack (when he shoulda just outran the D in that situation) everything is gonna be much better than what critics say. Oh, and that pass to Torrey was spot on but the CB just made a great play. This D is flying around the field and the ball, Varro is back and we will again be dominant on D. I'm telling u, folks may say what they want but Mangini is doing his thang and will continue to do so. When was the last time u can recall our D actually being in attack mode/this aggressive and not just rely on pure talent to be dominant? I'll wait. LOL. And he has plenty of talent to work with on D , especially in the secondary. The front 7 (the rebirth of our pass rush) still speaks for itself and as u can see Varro is back and ready to kill it so we're damn sure good. Reid, Bethea, Tartt, Brock, Reaser, Johnson, and Acker will fully enforce the, "NO FLY ZONE" in our secondary. Hayne still looks like a stud/steal and will be great for us on special teams (kick/punt return) if nothing else. That'll be a big bonus when it comes to field position to allow Kaep/Geep and company to do their thang. Just think about how big of a boost its going to be if Hayne(or Bush) makes these same type returns in the regular season. It's like giving Kaep and the offense a head start. Man oh man. Mark my words fam, it won't be long before these very critics that have been crucifying us are singing our praises saying, "uhoh, here come the Niners." So yeah, in the words of my man K. Dot, "We gone be aaight," Damnit if ur juiced and believe like I do gimmie two claps and a Rick Flair. WOOOOOOO! #ThemeSong #NinersOnMine #WeGoneBeAaight #NoFlyZone #ShockTheWorld

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