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KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Well 49er and NFL fans, it is the INCONVENIENT TRUTH for Mr. Brady and his Patriot fans that after yesterday’s championship defeat in Denver, “ the fact remains, Montana was better. Why? Here are a few facts. There was no deflatgate or cheating incidences for Coach Walsh during Montana tenure in SF! Also, Joe played in an era when pass rushers could hit or knock out a quarterback in the head, knee, anywhere. Brady spent his 15 seasons with all sorts of “softy” protections (including a basic flag football offense type of passing game rules, including one named after him – the Brady rule. It states that defenders can’t dive at a quarterbacks’ knees, after Brady snapped a knee ligament in the 2008 season opener.” Can anyone remember, Joe running to a ref to complaint about hit, like Brady often does? Montana and others like Unitas, Namath, Aikman, Jurgensen, Graham, Marino, Young, Staubach, Fouts, Bradshaw, Y. A. Tittle did not have a penalty named after them. Further, Montana did “win many games that Brady could not. Even when pressured, Montana could still rise above and play heroically. One best example was on the road against Philadelphia in 1989 Montana was sacked 8 times by Buddy Ryan’s famed "Gang Green" defenses made of Three-fourths of the starting defensive line was All-Pro (Reggie White, Jerome Brown, and Clyde Simmons). Linebacker Seth Joyner and cornerback Eric Allen made the Pro Bowl”, yet nonetheless, Joe threw four, 4th quarter touchdowns to win the game 38-28. Brady can handle pressure, but, “he gets beat each time after getting pummeled, while, at many times, Montana did.” “Brady was involved in several more Super Bowls and playoff games. However, he’ll never possess Montana’s stupendous record in Super Bowls (4-0, 11 touchdowns and NO interceptions) and no need for a field goal kicker! Also, Brady will never equal Montana’s pocket presence, mobility, sense for the big moment, or TOUGHNESS and besides his two of Brady’s four wins were won by the field kicker! “That’s why Joe IS the best (GREATEST) quarterback of all time.

Why Tom Brady will never surpass Joe Montana as the league's greatest QB

Tom Brady won't be a participant in Super Bowl 50 after losing to Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the AFC Championship. No stories about his childhood in nearby San Mateo and no comparisons to Br...

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