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BASEBALL: ITS FOR KIDS (EVEN AT 70) Baseball is a game for kids, young and old alike. and there are dreams like throwing the baLl against the wall and catching it on the return and Dreaming that you are in the World Series. a dream of millions of 'kids' Every American Boy has at one time or another had that dream ... even to kids in other countries have that same dream, really? Fat be born in 3rd world country and you think you are going to play in the World Series? And be a MVP to boot? Nah ... Dream on kid. But still the dream lives on .... I thought I would put my own rating as to the most memorable plays in Baseball.. just the top 5.. there are a lot of them! So Here goes.....

#5 Saving the Flag - April 25, 1976 Rick Monday, think about what Rick did and relate it today ... Patriotism is alive and well

#4 Shot Heard Round the Word - Bobby Thompson Oct 3, 1951 Giants win the Pennant!

#3 Stay Fair! - Carlton Fisk Oct 13, 1975 game 6 Fisk helped the ball stay fair by waving at it to stay fair and IT DID! Fisk jumped higher than anyone I had seen before... what a moment....

#2. "The Catch" - Willie Mays, Still the best play in Baseball Polo Grounds 483 feet from the plate and he catches it? huh? 483' still in the field of play? who hit that thing? Vic Wertz, Somebody should a arrested Mays for Robbing that poor guy.. LOL incredibe catch

It wasn't even a play ... No defense, no offense just pure Baseball as it should be .. it spoke volumes to and for every single child who dreamed of being in the World Series ... who dreamed of making it ... and to thank the Almighty for Getting Him the pouring down rain. To Me This is the Best Memorable Moment in Basball barnone.. it was Game 7 NLCS Winner goes to the World Series.. Its Raining but they play on ... Then with the realization of the fact that they were going to the World Series Marco couldn't hold it in any longer.. and showed His Thanks to the Almighty in getting him there... let alone being the MVP of the 2012 NCLS! Dreams? Yeah they do come true, even for a guy born in a different country throwing the ball like all of us and dreaming of being in the World Series. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! Even in th Rain

#1 Giving Thanks - Marco Scutaro Oct 22, 2012 in the rain and voted the MVP of the 2012 NCLS The most memorable moment in Baseball (sorry - I couldn't find how to post the other 4 pictures.. but I have them on this post on my FB Page) - (Also this is purely the work of me through the net. not partnering with anyone but me for this is my opinion.nobody else's. The only question that you might have is purely your fault in assuming that I am partnering with anyone. you make no provision to have a normal 3-5 picture collage as you do in other groups. Therefore in my own page has all 5 of the pics are in the post ... . so I reffered to that page for the readers reference. That's all. )

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