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Straight 108

A well-known Giants site (who will remain nameless) is writing the Giants off saying they're unwatchable. The article also claims that the San Francisco Giants are finished because none of the pitchers the Giants have faced are Clayton Kershaw . I'll agree this is accurate, as he's one of the best pitchers of all time.

Performance over 19 games is not enough to dictate what type of team you are. I just hope when the team starts playing better, which they will, those who wrote this team off will stick behind their words.

As someone who has been in the dugout as a player and coach and fully understands the ebbs and flows that exists over 162, it's frustrating to see the people responsible for reporting on the Giants, be so impulsive.

The Giants may not be a good team - but to generalize a team who has played 7 home games all year and has 143 remaining games as unwatchable, is laughable.

This is why Straight 108 exists - to provide a platform for real Giants (and baseball) fans to understand the game as a whole, not through box scores or single games.

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